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Sometimes you end up where you started

This was my Grandfathers Leica IIIc he bought it in 1949 when he went to Japan during the Occupation. It was instrumental in my founding gordy's camera straps but that is another story. He gave it to me in the early 1970s. In recent years I replaced the shutter and beam splitter. I thought that a Leica M3 might be a better camera, certainly a more modern camera. I bought one 6 years ago. It's a beautiful camera but I am going back to my IIIc for three reasons. First, it is easier to focus. The IIIc has a separate rangefinder window that magnifies 150%. Second, using a brightline auxiliary viewfinder gives a much larger and brighter image that any M series camera. It makes a big difference with older eyes. Third, it is smaller. It fits in my vest pocket. So I will be selling my M3 and my IIIg and keeping my IIIc as well as my IIIa and 1935 Leica Standard. I really like the smaller cameras. But then that was why Oskar Barnack invented them.


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