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Finger Straps


Wrist straps are a compact solution to carry cameras. However, you may need something even smaller. Now we have the finger strap. You can carry your camera using just a finger or thumb. The minimal design allows you to quickly and securely pick up, carry, and then put down your camera. Depending on your preference you can use them on the right or left side of your camera. The straps included a black rubber o-ring to each strap so you can reduce the strap opening for a more snug fit.

Our finger straps are made of latigo belt leather. They are tough and flexible. They have a natural luster that only improves with age and they soften with use. The leather is wrapped with .040" (1mm) diameter polyester cord that is heavy duty and waxed for durability. 

Cameras come with different attach methods so we have 3 types of finger straps to accommodate them. If you are not sure which strap is right for your camera please check out our Which strap do I need? page.

Finger straps - lug-mount 

Finger strap - string 

Finger strap - tripod-mount 

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