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gordy's camera strap team

 All of our straps are made on the south end of Whidbey Island, just north of Seattle. I started making these straps in 2005. The days where I could do it all myself are gone. Now it takes a team. Here are the faces of the Whidbey Islanders who bring you gordy's camera straps.



Gordy founded gordy’s camera straps in 2005 after he realized that other photographers could benefit from his new strap designs. Gordy designs the camera straps and oversees the running of the business. He does the product photography and instructional videos. Photography has been his passion since he purchased his first camera at age 13. When he isn’t out taking photographs he likes to build bicycles and rides the Seattle to Portland bicycle ride in the summer with anyone crazy enough to join him.


Making the straps starts with Robby. He cuts the hides into straps, makes the pads, strap bumpers, and tripod screws. He drops the supplies off at our assembler's homes and picks up finished straps. Then he becomes our shipping department and packages and mails the camera straps. Robby also happens to be Gordy's saxophone playing son. In the summer he can be found enjoying the music festivals in the Northwest or playing with his band.


Kim has been with gordy's camera straps the longest. She is the heart and soul of the production side. Not only does she figure out the best way to make the straps but she trains our new assemblers and puts the orders together for them. In the spring and summer Kim can be found in her garden.


Briar is one of our assemblers making gordy straps. She has been working with us for years and we love having her. She is a passionate gardener, originally from New Zealand.


Tassa is one of our assemblers making gordy straps. She grew up on Whidbey Island where she mostly learned to play well with others. She became a barista in Seattle, worked at a theater company in Brooklyn, made pizza and learned to tango on Maui, and then studied french pastry in France and Port Townsend, Washington. She also has an obsession with cats and learning the secrets of the universe.


Jenny is our Director of Customer Happiness. She sends shipping notices, and answers customer's questions. She also runs our social media pages, keeps the books, and maintains the website. She is the only member of our team not living on Whidbey Island but she did grow up here. She is Gordy's eldest daughter. When not working behind the scenes for gordy's camera straps she is herding 3 dogs, 2 kids, and a husband in the Army who is keeping us safe. She is also an iphoneographer, and a good one!
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