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Leather adjustable camera neck strap. Handmade in the U.S.A. gordy's camera straps

Neck strap, adjustable


Sometimes it's necessary to change the length of your strap depending on which camera you're using at the time. They are very useful for Polaroid cameras, if you're sharing your camera, or just want to change how you carry it. All adjustable neck straps are $37 without accessories. It attaches to both lugs with 1/2" split rings and holds the camera in a traditional horizontal orientation.


Adjustable leather camera strapsThe adjustable neck strap comes in 3 length ranges:

Short:  From 30" to 37" (76 cm - 94 cm).
Medium: From 37" to 47" (94 cm - 119 cm).
Long: From 46" to 60" (116 cm - 152 cm).


Black leather camera strapBurgundy leather camera strapDark brown leather camera strapLight brown leather camera strap

Leather color: Made of Latigo belt leather, my hand made camera straps are tough, flexible, and pliable. They have a natural luster that only improves with age and softens with use. Keep in mind that there are always variations in leather. The color and texture can vary from hide to hide. Please allow for this.

Buckle color: The adjustment is done with the leather buckle (shown in black leather). One end of the strap is permanently attached to the buckle, then it loops through a split ring and back through the leather buckle. You can choose between our 4 leather colors and it is included in the price of the strap. 

Wrapping cord color: You can choose between 14 different wrap colors. 
Be bold or keep it simple.
For more information check out the Colors page.

Additional Accessories 



O-ring strap bumpers are made of rubber and are thicker than the other bumpers. It's also recommended to use them if you are attaching your strap to a rod. This will keep the split ring securely in place. They're also easily added after the strap has been assembled. $1 each. 

Octagonal strap bumpers are a great leather option and can be added to your camera at any time. Although we make them thinner, the same leather is used as the straps and they're available in the same colors. $4 each.

Integral Strap Bumpers are assembled in the loop of the strap. They can then be placed between the lug-mount and the split ring for protection. We thin the same leather that's used for the straps so the same colors are available. Because the strap is assembled together with the Integral strap bumper they can not be added after the strap has been assembled.  $4 each.  

 Neck pad 


My neck straps will support pretty heavy loads but sometimes our necks won't. The straps work fine for lighter cameras, but for those heavier cameras, I always use a neck pad. These pads are 1" (25mm) wide and 8 3/4" (222mm) long for good support and we beveled the edges for better comfort. They are made from the same leather as the straps and are available in the same colors. If you want a neck pad it must be ordered with the strap. They unfortunately can't be added after the strap has been assembled. Neck pads are an additional US $15.

   Disconnect kit 









The Quick disconnect kit will allow you to switch between straps easily. It includes a spring clip, an o-ring strap bumper, and a split ring. The kit also adds 2 1/2" to the length of the neck strap. 

The titanium spring clip is 6 axis machine cut from titanium 6AL-4V. They are very light and strong. This type of disconnect kit for your neck strap is an additional $32.50.

 Attach strings 

If you need to attach your camera to a slotted lug-mount or a post you will need to attach strings for an additional $2.





The attach string are made from two loops tied together with a bowline knot. It's much stronger that it might appear. Check out my strength test.They are $2 for a pair and they come in two lengths, short and long. You can also choose any color you'd like. For a better visual on attaching them to your strap check my instructional page.

 How to adjust your strap

  The adjustment is done with a leather buckle. One end of the strap is permanently attached to the buckle, then it loops through a split ring and back through the leather buckle.
First, slide the o-rings to the center.
   Then pull the strap through the buckle. To lengthen the strap pull the buckle towards the camera. To shorten the strap pull it away from the camera.
This is the strap adjusted to its longest position.

This is the strap adjusted to its shortest position. If the strap has a neck pad the neck pad will need to also be moved.

Finally, slide the o-rings to their original position.             


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