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Quick disconnect gordy's camera strap

Quick disconnect kits

Olympus 35 RC

 How does it work?

Just like adding keys to the split ring on your key chain, they tend to stay on for a very long time. If you intend to keep your gordy strap on your camera at all times, then there is no need for a quick disconnect kit.

If you want to switch between straps or have the option to attach a wrist strap and neck strap to your camera at the same time, then these will make it much easier. 

You just attach a split ring and an o-ring to the camera's lugs and leave them there. The spring clip is then connected and left on the strap. Now you can attach and remove the camera strap easily. 


The quick disconnect kit adds 1 1/4" (3.2cm) to the length of a wrist strap or 2 1/2" (6.4cm) to a neck strap.

The titanium spring clip is 6 axis machine cut from titanium 6AL-4V.

 What do I need?

Wrist strap: If you want to use it with a wrist strap you will only need one "Single quick disconnect kit".

Neck strap: If you want to use them with a neck strap you will need one "Double disconnect kit".

Wrist strap and Neck strap: If you have one camera and want to switch between a neck strap and wrist strap you will need one " Double quick disconnect kit" and one "Clip". You will attach the two split rings and two o-ring bumpers to the sides of your camera and leave them there. Then you will attach the three remaining clips on each camera strap end. You can switch between the straps with ease or leave them both on. 

Multiple cameras with straps: You will need a clip for each strap end and a split ring and o-ring bumper for each connection point on your cameras (which you will leave on). You will need to calculate the total of each. Keep in mind that it is less expensive if you purchase them as kits. 

  • Single titanium clip: $16
  • Single split ring: $1
  • Single O-ring strap bumper: $1
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