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Leather tripod strap Handmade in the U.S.A. gordy's camera straps

Tripod strap

Carry tripod with a gordy's leather strap.

My tripod straps are $43, they come in one length (71") and they all include a neck pad. You can carry it three different ways by making them different lengths; across your body, as a shoulder strap, or just hand carry. 


Black leather camera strap

Burgundy leather camera strap

Dark brown leather camera strap

Light brown leather camera strap

Leather color: Made of Latigo belt leather, my hand made camera straps are tough, flexible, and pliable. They have a natural luster that only improves with age and softens with use. Keep in mind that there are always variations in leather. The color and texture can vary from hide to hide. Please allow for this.

Color wheel

Wrapping cord color: You can choose between 16 different wrap colors. 
Be bold or keep it simple.
For more information check out the Colors page.

 Neck pad 

I know that tripods can be heavy so I've included a neck pad on every Tripod strap. Once your strap is attached to the tripod you can slide the neck pad to the spot that works best for you.They are 1" (25mm) wide and 8 3/4" (222mm) long for good support. The edges are beveled and they come in four different leather colors. 

How it works

   Across the body carry 

This is the longest method. Just place the loops at the end of the strap around the head and feet. Then slide the rubber o-rings to close the loops. 

 Shoulder carry 


Shorten the tripod strap a little by creating loops at each end. First thread the entire strap through one end, creating a larger loop.Then slip it over the tripod head.

Next, push the center of the strap's leather through the other end to create a large loop. Then slip the large loop around the foot of the tripod. 

 Hand carry 


This is the shortest method. Attach the strap around the head the same as the shoulder carry. (Thread the entire strap through one end, creating a larger loop. Then slip it over the tripod head.)


Then run the rest of the strap around the tripod and under itself. Then tuck the end loop over the feet.
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