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Colors for leather products


 Leather colors 

Black leather camera strap

Burgundy leather camera strap

Dark brown leather camera strap

Light brown leather camera strap


Made of Latigo belt leather, my hand made camera straps are tough, flexible, and pliable. They have a natural luster that only improves with age and softens with use. This is real natural cowhide. If the leather is good enough to hold up your pants, it's good enough to hold up your camera!

Keep in mind that there are always variations in leather. The color and texture can vary from hide to hide. Please allow for this.

Our leather supply comes from The Hide & Leather House in Napa Valley California USA. They do a great job proving quality leather for our straps. 

 Wrapping cord colors 

Color wheel

The waxed heavy-duty cord is .040" (1mm) diameter and is much stronger than it may look. We proudly purchase it from Maine Thread Company, located in Maine USA. We have been working with them from the beginning and their quality and customer care is always top notch. 

Check out my strength test to see how strong the leather and wrap are. 

 Need color ideas? 

Hand made in the U.S.A.

Check out our Tumblr, Flickr, and Instagram pages to see different combinations. 

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