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Finger strap - string

Finger strap - string

 Finger strap - string

Dark brown leather, blue wrap and attach string
Black leather, black wrap and attach string.
Wrist straps are a compact solution to carry cameras. However, you may need something even smaller. Now we have the finger strap. You can carry your camera using just a finger or thumb. The minimal design allows you to quickly and securely pick up, carry, and then put down your camera. Depending on your preference you can use them on the right or left side of your camera if your camera has attach points on both sides. I've also included a black rubber o-ring to each strap so you can reduce the strap opening for a more snug fit.
Finger strap - string Finger strap - string
Finger strap - string Finger strap - string
The string finger strap also works well for phone cases that have provisions for a string attach strap. 



Finger strap - string

Black leather & Dark red wrap. 

The finger strap comes in one size. The length of the attach string is 2 1/4" (5.7cm), the loop is 1 15/16" (4.9cm). The total length is 3 3/4" (9.5cm).


Black leather image Burgundy leather imageDark brown leather image Light brown leather image

Leather color: Made of Latigo belt leather, my handmade camera straps are tough, flexible, and pliable. They have a natural luster that only improves with age and softens with use. Keep in mind that there are always variations in leather. The color and texture can vary from hide to hide. Please allow for this.

Color wheel image

Wrapping cord color: You can choose between 16 different wrap colors. 

Attach cord color: One of the best parts of the string strap is that you get to choose the wrap color and the color of the attach string. 

For more information check out the Colors page.

 How to attach 


  1. First, feed the string through the rod. You might need something to poke it through on cameras with a small opening.
  2. Then, pull the strap through the loop.
  3. Pull tight and it's attached.


  1. Start with an open string.
  2. Bend the tip back to make two ears.
  3. Bend the ears down to make a loop and place it over the groove in the post.
  4. Pull tight.
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