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Leica IIIa with Leitz Summar 50mm f2 lens $350

Leica IIIa with Leitz Summar 50mm f2 lens $350

This is a 1937 Leica IIIa from 1937. It's a beautiful little camera. I actually prefer it a little more over my Leica IIIc but my Grandfather gave me that camera and it is The Camera That Will Never Be Sold. The IIIa is a little thinner and feels a little better in the hand. Not much, mind you, but it makes the IIIc feel just a little porky. It's been sent off to Youxin Ye for a clean, lube, and adjust. Everything is working as it should. There is some brassing but not much. The cover is in great shape.

Included is a 1937 Leitz Summar 50mm/f2 lens also from 1937. Th is lens came with the camera so I assume it is the original lens. The lens is problematic so I include is as a body cap but I don't think it will take much to restore it to its former glory. The focus and retraction is very stiff but a clean, lube, and adjust will take care of that. As you can see in the pictures there are some black spots inside the lens. I don't know if it is dust, fungus, or mold. My recommendation would be to send it to Youixin Ye ( He can advise you on what they are and if he can remove  them. And he can service the lens so that it will focus easily and correctly. I never had it taken care of since I had other lenses. This camera will take any Leica thread mount lens. I have some for sale.

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