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3d printed Cameradactyl Homonculus 69

There are several camera manufacturers making 3d printed cameras. Using the term manufacturers lightly. Some are a just a one person operation. But they are all making some very interesting cameras. Actually, camera bodies. Many are medium format using Mamiya Press lenses or large format lenses and Mamiya RB67, Horseman, or Graflex medium format graflok backs. With different backs you can shoot 6x9, 6x7, 6x6, or 6x4.5. This is a Homonculus 69 printed by Cameradactyl. Cameradactyl is the brainchild of the mad camera designer Ethan Moses.

I've been attracted to pano formats. I've done a little work with a 6x17 view camera. I really like the wide format but 6x17 is just a too big and cumbersome format for me. I'm just getting too old for that. The Hasselblad XPAN has the right format and size but is ridiculously expensive and fragile. Cameradactyl actually has 3d printer files for a 3d printed XPAN format camera but that is too much time and trouble. Make a camera or take pictures. I need to take pictures. Although it is amazing that for under $200 you can get a 3d printer to print a camera like that. Then I realized I could just crop the 6x9 negative of my Homonculus 69 to 3x9 and I have a poor man's XPAN. The XPAN is 24mm x 65mm. The cropped negative, with this back, will be 27mm x 82mm. With the Mamiya 50/6.5 cropped to 1:3 the vertical is about the same as a 45mm equivalent lens while being equivalent to 22m on the width. It's loaded with Ektachrome E100 for some test photos.



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