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My family lived in Japan from early 1957 to early 1961. For health reasons I had to return to the States for the duration of the 9th grade from Fall 1958 to Spring 1959. Before I left I went down to the Base Exchange at Tachikawa Air Force Base (My Dad was an Air Force pilot) and bought a 35mm Petri 2.8 Color Corrected Super with the money I had earned at a summer job. I stayed with a cousin of my Mom's in Sacramento, California. Christmas 1958 I went down to Santa Ana, California, to visit my Grandparents. The owned what was called Variety Store. In front were the toys and the hardware items were in back. I loved it. It was a toy store. This is one of my first photos. I was 14.

I thought this was shot with Kodachrome 25 but I just checked and Kodachrome 25 didn't come out until 1961 so this would be Kodachrome 10. Yes, an ASA (ISO) of 10. And photographers now complain if a new digital camera can't hold its own at ISO 32,000.


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