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Back doors

I started out college as an Architecture major for a couple of years. Although I did not pursue that profession it gave me a love for buildings of all types and sizes. I went on to study photography and one genre of photography that I like is architectural photography. This series combines my passion for architecture and photography. This series is something I've been thinking about for a long time.

Why back doors? Architectural photography is generally about front doors. An architectural photographer aims to present the building in the best light for the Architect. The Architect focuses on the front door for his client. The front door is what the client's customer enter. No one gives a shit about the back door. And that is why I am drawn to back doors. Why take a picture of something that has already been photographed or something that everyone has seen? How about a little originality in subject matter? It turns out that back doors can be interesting in surprising ways.

These pictures work on three levels (I hope). First it documents back doors of businesses that no one ever sees. There is quite a variety. I apply good architectural photography practices to these pictures. I follow the Prime Directive of architectural photography: Verticals and horizontals shall never converge. Photographing the back door deserves as much care as the front door.

Second, each picture is a composition with elements that will entertain the eyes. I only have three pictures at this point so I am not entirely sure where this project is going but I am fascinated with the arrangement of elements on the flat surface of a building such as doors, windows, power meters, trash, etc. I like Mondrian, too.

Third, these pictures also need to be seen together as a series. Yes, there are only three at this time, but there will be more. As time goes on and more pictures are added to this series there is entertainment and enlightenment in seeing the individual pictures as part of a group. At some point this series will be added to my portfolio website ( in an appropriate order.

Back Door #1

Back Door #2

 Back Door #3

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