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A junkyard Mamiyaflex C2

I have a couple of Mamiya twin lens reflex cameras with interchangeable lenses. A C330f and a C220. I was at my local junkyard (Island Recycling) a while back and I found this junkyard camera. It's an early version of my Mamiya C220. I got it for $15. The lens is a late model lens from my C330f. It fits on this camera with no problem. 

 I hadn't considered using it but a couple of days ago I took it down off the shelf and went over it. I removed the covering that was no longer attached and this is what was left. There is a huge dent under where the strap attaches. 

There is a dent in the back on on the lower back corner. With all of that it still works fine. The film advances and it focuses as it should. It did have a mirror that was too short. Maybe a replacement after the dent on the side. Put a new one in and all is well. This is one tough camera.

This is without the lenses. Even the Mamiyaflex label on the top is bent down. This is even simpler than my C220. I have some black and white Tri-X loaded. I'm going to clean the rest of the old leather off and recover it. It's a user

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