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gordy's camera strap bumpers. Protect the camera body from wear and tear.

Extra strap bumpers & attach strings

Strap bumpers are a great way to protect your camera body from the metal on the strap. The Integral strap bumpers can only be ordered with the strap because they are assembled together, but you can add the others to your strap at any time. 

O-ring strap bumpers are made of rubber and are thicker than the other bumpers. It's also recommended to use them if you are attaching your strap to a rod. This will keep the split ring securely in place. They are easily added after the strap has been assembled. $1 each. 

Octagonal strap bumpers are a great leather option and can be added to your camera at any time. Although we thin the leather so they are more flexible, the same leather is used as the straps and they're available in the same colors. $4 each.

 Attach strings 

If you need to attach your camera to a slotted lug-mount or a post you will need attach strings.

The attach string are two loops tied together with a bowline knot. It's much stronger that it might appear. Check out the details of my strength test

They are $1 each. They come in two lengths, short and long. You can also choose any color you'd like. 

For a better visual on attaching them to your strap check my instructional page. 


Leather work

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