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Nikon F Apollo 1973 $360

Nikon F Apollo 1973 $360

This is a Nikon F Apollo from early 1973. At the end of the production run of the historic Nikon F they used the plastic covered lever advance and self-timer lever from the Nikon F2. Nikon was used in the Apollo program at this time but that had nothing to do with this camera which is referred to as the Nikon F Apollo. Cameraquest thinks there were about 116,000 of these Nikons.

I include a non-working Photomic FTn  meter. It did work at one time. I sent it down to George Milton at Quality Light Metric, 7095 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood CA 90028 (323-467-2265) for repair. He is the man for repairing light meters. It worked fine until I dropped it one day. If I kept this camera it would go back to see if it could be fixed.

I got seriously into photography in the early 1970s and all my friends seem to have a Nikon F like this with the billboard sized Photomic FTn meter. That is one reason I bought this camera. It is also an historically important camera. When the meter died I bought the non-metered prism finder and then a waist level finder. All three finders are included. The waist-level finder also comes with a leather case.

Here is a Cameraquest article on the Nikon F Apollo, a Casual Photofile review of the Nikon F, and a Wikipedia article on the Nikon F.

Eveerythin, except the meter, works as it should.

Because of problems with International shipping this is a United States only sale.


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