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Leica Standard Model E 1935  $450

Leica Standard Model E 1935 $450

I originally bought this camera for it's history and simplicity. This is a very similar camera to the one Oscar Barnack first designed and used but this has interchangeable lenses. Oscar's camera just sold for 15 million dollars. This one is a lot less expensive.

I used this with my 25mm and 15mm scale focus lenses since this does not have a rangefinder. Even a 50mm/3.5 Elmar is a joy to use on this body. The original leather cover was barely connected to the camera when I bought it so I recovered it in goat skin leather from CameraLeather. It has been to Youxin Ye for a clean, lube, and adjust. It functions as it should.

I am including a Thumbs Up thumb grip from Match Techincal. This is an original Thumbs Up, not a copy. It really makes holding on to the little Leica easy.

For more information on the Leica Standard here is the Wikipedia article. Here is a review at 35mmc.

Because of problems with International shipping this is a United States only sale. Free shipping in the United States.

I include a gordy's camera strap of your choice when I sell one of my cameras. Let me know in the check-out comments what you want. Since this camera doesn't have lugs the only gordy strap that will work is a tripod mount strap.

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