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  non-adjustable neck strap—single attach  pointstring

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Cameras not included with neck straps.

Camera equipment not included with straps.

The single point attach string neck straps work great for light meters, small point and shoots, digicams, and cell phones which have a single small attach point. For heavy cameras and light meters the single attach point split-ring neck strap would be a better choice. The attaching string is the same .040" dia (1mm) heavy duty waxed thread as the wrapping thread. The string is attached to the strap securely. Check out the strength test on the home page.

All string neck straps are US$27.


Check out our chart to see our recommendations for
which strap for which camera.


  Attaching the strap


First you feed the string through the attach point.

Feed the strap through the loop.

Pull tight and it's attached.




Your choice of 1/4" wide light brown, burgundy, dark brown, or black leather with black, gray, white, red, green, blue, yellow, light brown, brown, dark brown, raspberry, turquoise, orange, and hot pink .040" (1mm) diameter waxed heavy-duty cord. Check out the Colors page. If you want to get wild and crazy, you can have different colors for the wrapping cord and the attaching string. I include a rubber o-ring slider.


  Neck Pads


Neck pads are not available for string straps since the entire strap has to thread through the string loop and that is not going to happen with a neck pad on it.


  Figuring out the length


These straps are not adjustable so I will need the length of the strap. Centimeters or inches will work. Just let me know the unit of measure.




Neck Strap — Single Attach Point — String

Leather color
Wrapping cord color
Attaching cord color
Neck strap length