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  how strong are they?


  lug-mount wrist straps


VOIGHTLANDER, of Rangefinder Forum, ordered a couple of straps from me and asked the following:

"A question ... your strap is it made from a continuous loop of leather or both ends are tied/hidden within the waxed thread.

I need to know if it's the latter cos i will take care not to swing the camera around as the strap ends may just came loose."

There is a glued and stapled joint under the waxed thread where the two ends are joined together. I've really pulled on these with my hands before to test them but I've been thinking about something a little more measurable. VOIGHTLANDER's question prompted me to do a test to destruction to see what the limits of this joint is. I first hung a vise and hammer that totaled 17 pounds. That worked fine so the only other thing heavier I had was an old monitor. It weighs 25 pounds. It hung there just fine but the split ring was starting to deform.



At this point I didn't want to add more weight because I didn't want that much weight falling when something failed.

I think it's safe to say that if the camera you are carrying with the wrist strap is starting to deform the split ring that you might not want to swing it around.


  string wrist straps


I also have been asked "How strong is the string?" on my string attach straps. The attach string is the same as the polyester wrapping cord. I use a monkey trap design to keep the attach string from pulling through. The monkey trap is a jar with something the monkey wants inside. The neck of the jar is wide enough to let the monkey put his hand in but not wide enough for the monkey to get his hand out if he has his hand full of whatever was in the jar. I use the same concept.

The attach string is double knotted and the wrapping cord traps it. You can carry a fairly large camera with this arrangement. (Apologies for the slightly blurry pictures. I was using continous lights and a 1.5 second exposure. The camera was hanging free and was moving slightly.)


The strap is strong enough to carry my 5x7 Burke & James Commercial view with a 10" Elgeet lens. I also simulated a camera drop with a 15 pound vise, which is actually heavier than the 5x7.


  neck strap with attach strings


To test the strength of the attach strings on a horizontal neck strap I attached it to my 5x7 Burke & James with it's 10" Elgeet lens. On top is perched a Zeiss Icon Box Tengor. Hanging in front of the Burke & James is, from left to right, a Nikon F3 HP with motor drive, a Honeywell Pentax H1a, a Leica IIIc, and a Ricoh Diacord. The total camera weight is around 20 pounds. I would recommend that, if you are going to carry all of your cameras with one neck strap, that you also purchase a neck pad. Just a suggestion.