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Gordy Coale



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Dean C., Hong Kong
Canon G9
"Just want to let you know that the strap is awesome..."

Calum M., Cambridge, United Kingdom
Nikon D300 & 17-55mm DX lens
"I'm very pleased with it, indeed."

Lisa S., Mandeville, Louisiana
Canon PowerShot SD300
"I love the strap, thanks!"

Ian W., Central Scotland, United Kingdom
Panasonic DMC FZ5
"...excellent service and product, it is exactly what I've been looking for."

Shao-Shan C., Yonghe, Taiwan
Canon G9
"I love this excellent, beautiful strap."

Paul L., Hayes, United Kingdom
Olympus Trip 35
"The best Olympus Trip wrist strap ever!"

Wallace K., Hong Kong
Canon 400D & Tamron 90mm f2.8 lens
"Nice work, thanks."

Willem, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Nikon D200

Nelson M., Calgary, Canada
Canon 400D
"I love the strap!"

Andrew S., Kaikoura, New Zealand
Canon G9
"The strap is totally the best, quality like the way things used to be made."
Andrew's review

Paul D., Snohomish, Washington
Canon HG10 HD camcorder
"Beautiful workmanship. Thank you so very much."

Ross S., Hampton, United Kingdom
Canon G9

Mary Beth T., Claremont, California
Canon G9
"I love it, very nice work!"

Keith N., Roseville, California
Sigma DP1

Tony W., Hong Kong, China
Canon G9

Jon P., Brooklyn, New York
Canon AE1
"Very, very nice."

Jon P., Brooklyn, New York
Leica M6

Jon P., Brooklyn, New York
Leica M6

Tommy J Li, Hong Kong
Canon 40D

Ford R., Van Nuys, California
Canon G9

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