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Gordy Coale



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Mark L., Topsfield, Massachusetts
Nikon D300
"It's honest to god old world craftsmanship."

Thomas P., Berlin, Germany
Bessa R
"Bessa with her best dress, er... strap! Convenient - secure! Thanks a lot!"

Tim W., Oldenburg, Germany
Canon G9

Bill B., Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Brunton 7x40 Macroscope
"GREAT service!"

Mark M., Aurora, Indiana
Canon G9
"Great Strap."

Cleber F., Brasília, Brazil
Canon G6
"Thanks for such a well made product, Gordon!
Soon I'll order another one!"

Wilson, Curitiba, Brazil
Canon Canonet G-III QL
"As always, fine stuff."

Wilson, Curitiba, Brazil
Yashica Electro 35 GS

John K., Geneseo, Illinois
Canon 40D

Kelvin K., Alpharetta, Georgia
Canon G9
"This strap is beautiful! Wonderful quality."

Krishna S., South Jakarta, Indonesia
Canon G9
"Today I just received my strap and I'm absolutely happy
with the quality of the leather, well done!
It's a perfect match with my G9."

Tom S., York, United Kingdom
Leica C-Lux 2

Tim D., Chelmsford, United Kingdom
Nikon D300
"A great product."

Stephen B., Kailua, Hawaii
Sigma DP1
"Well made and secure, thanks!"

Tonya M., Hull, Quebec, Canada
Leica M4-P
"I've been putting the ol' baby to use and I love it."

Mina R., Oak Harbor, Washington
Nikon D40
"It is realy beautiful and I love it!!
Thank you for your great work!"

Guy M., below Fuller Ridge, San Jacinto Wilderness, California
Canon G9
"Strap is rugged."

Carol H., Bothell, Washington
Canon G9
"Here I am with your work of art. "

Adrian F., Dublin, Ireland
Leica D-Lux 3

Charles B., Jackson, Wyoming
Zeiss Ikon with Hexanon m 35
"The strap looks good and works well."

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