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Gordy Coale



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Andy S., South San Francisco, California
Ricoh 35FM
Andy's Flickr photostream

Andy S., South San Francisco, California
Olympus Trip 35
Andy's Flickr photostream

Albert N., Belmont, California
Olympus E-420
"Got your strap and love it!"

Brian L., Edinburgh, United Kingdom
"I'm really pleased with it; it's elegant yet simple and rugged, a bit like my 1955 FED-2!"

Supapong C., Bangkok, Thailand
Voigtlander Bessa R2A and Leica M6

Roman M ., Leidschendam, Netherlands
Canon G9
"The strap is in and it's really perfect, the length and fit for G9 is sublime!"

Steen C., Nørresundby, Denmark
Canon G9
"I have now used it for a couple of weeks, and it works just fine.
I will happily recomend it to others."

John E., Tucson, Arizona
Olympus E-510
"It is perfect for my uses as a birder/photographer out in the field.
Eliminates the neck strap while secured in my ThinkTank holster."

Steve J., Manchester, United Kingdom
Canon Powershot S70
"The strap arrived two days ago and I love it."

Bill T., Tequesta, Florida
Olympus E-410
"I will have no hesitation referring this solution
and your excellent service to anyone!"

Dan R., Ionia, Michigan
Olympus E-3
"I absolutely love this strap. Even though I don't use it to swing
the camera from, it is for my reasurence that if I do happen to drop it
or it slips out of my hand it will not go crashing to the ground.
The wrist strap is comfortable and in just the few short hours
I've used it, I would feel naked without it."

Nikolas S., Cologne, Germany
Leica IIIc
"I received the camera strap and am extremely happy with it."

Malcolm J., Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Nikon FE and Lubitel 166B
"Excellent straps as usual, many thanks."

Carleton H., Washington, DC
Ricoh GR Digital
"I love the strap. I'll probably order another very soon."
photo by Josh Sisk

Cindy H., San Jose, California
Mamiya M645 and Canon Rebel Xti

Sabesan S., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Canon G9
"It's as I expected: excellent!"

Dooeol, Jackson Heights, New York
Canon G9
"I'm loving it!"

Simon W., South San Francisco, California
Leica MP and Konica Hexanon 90mm f2.8
Simon's Flickr photostream

Simon W., South San Francisco, California
Leica M3 and 50mm f1.4 Summilux Pre-Asph
Simon's Flickr photostream

Steven K., Villanova, Pennsylvania
Canon 350d with Summicron 50/2
"Awesome strap."

Apichart S., Muang, Thailand
Canon G9
"I really love it."

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