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Gordy Coale



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Paul D., Snohomish, Washington
Samsung 5 megapixel cell phone camera

Colyn G., Fort Worth, Texas
Leica IIIc w/35mm f/2.5 CV lens

Ilija V., Foothill Ranch, California
Canon G9
"Thanks for the nice camera strap for my G9.
The string attachment works great with both the camera alone
and when camera is placed in its original case."

Pekka V., Lohja, Finland
Panasonic LX3
"I think it fits my compact camera, Panasonic LX3, great."

Aaron J., Rockford, Illnois
Canon G9
"The strap is absolutely great! The craftsmanship is
wonderful and it was worth every penny.
I'll recommend this to everyone."

Paul L., Hayes, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Olympus Trip 35
Trip Man

Scott A., Irvine, California
Canon G9
"Got the strap! I love it."

Adam N., Encino, California
Canon S5 IS
"The strap is perfect. I was looking for a small, unobtrusive
strap that would let me hold my new Canon S5 IS like my old 'point and
shoot'. Your strap was exactly what I was looking for."

Martin K., Tumwater, Washington
Olympus E-3

Chanyapat N., Bangkok, Thailand
Leica M3DS & Rolleiflex Automat K4B

Gordon S., Moorestown, New Jersey
Leica D-Lux 3 & Leica M8
Gordon's Public Gallery

Dr. Edwin M., Snohomish, Washington
Leica M3
"As usual, the product is excellent!!!"

Jason M., Richmond, Canada
Canon 450D
"Love your strap!"

Blake M., Tulsa, Oklahoma
Sony a100 with a Sigma 24mm f1.8 lens
"Love the strap!"

Karl S., Olympia, Washington
Canon G9
"Love the strap. It's perfect! Beautiful craftmanship."

Ken H., Singapore
Canon D400
"This is the best for my Canon D400"

Ben H., Ashgrove, Australia
Leica M3
"Got the strap a few days ago and love it."

Peter G ., Trondheim, Norway
Nikon D300
"The strap is absolutely perfect,
and is pure quality through and through!
I'm just delighted with it, and recommend it to everyone!"

Wai Sing L., Toronto, Canada
Lucky and Canon G9
"Great strap but Lucky doesn't seem to care what the fuss is about!"

Niklas A., Rimforsa , Sweden
Canon G9
"I am very satisfied with your work."

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