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Gordy Coale



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Rob W., Santa Barbara, California
Lumix LX3
Love the strap.

Kin L., Stittsville, Ontario, Canada
Lumix LX3

Raphael Q., Hayward, California
Canon G9
Got the strap today! I love it!

Martin H., Bristol, England
Lumix LX3
Wrist strap is really great for street photography, just tried it out on
a trip to Prague on my new Lumix (customised with a piece
of wetsuit as a finger grip) ... the strap is really discrete and
just the right length to hold the camera out of sight in my palm.
Best wishes, great product.

Kent J., Houston, Texas
Nikon F Photomic FTn

Joe W., San Antonio, Texas
It looks and feels very well built, and I'm extremely happy with it.

Bill K., North Ogden, Utah
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3
I really enjoy the unique nature of this strap.

Jesper N., Täby, Sweden

Peter R., East Boldon, United Kingdom
Minolta A1
Camera strap arrived this morning - absolutely
delighted - about to order another exactly the same.

Peter R., East Boldon, United Kingdom
Canon G9

Simon from London
Leica M3
And many thanks for the strap, just the job, exactly what I was looking for!

Rick G., Rochester, NY
Olympus OM1

Matt P., Charlotte, North Carolina
Panasonic Lumix LX3
The strap is great. It is super comfortable and looks great as well.

Vasu J., Washington, District of Columbia

Dotan G., Shoham , Israel
Zeiss Ikon ZM
I've got the strap, and it looks great. Thanks.

Derrick W, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Leica M6
Thanks again! I may be ordering another one down the line.

Mark L., Topsfield, Massachusets
Moto Razr

Alan B, Avon, Minnesota
Canon 5D
Great straps, had to order another with wrist pad for Canon 5D!

Alan B, Avon, Minnesota
Canon G1

Chanyapat N., Bangkok, Thailand
Leica IIIc

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